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how we make impact

Explore more about Tony's Chocolonely and our mission to make chocolate 100% exploitation-free through these awesome resources.

Our mission

Get ready to indulge your chocolate cravings while learning about our mission, our products, and our impact! Hop over to Tony's Chocolonely website to uncover the sweetest stories behind our chocolate bars.

Social Media

Join our chocolate-loving community on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! We're always sharing our latest adventures, chocolate creations, and behind-the-scenes fun. Follow us!


Want a peek behind the wrapper? Head over to our YouTube channel for deliciously entertaining videos showcasing our chocolate-making process and our mission in action. Watch now.


Dive deep into the world of chocolate ethics with our reports and publications. Learn about our impact, challenges, and progress towards creating a sweeter, fairer cocoa industry. Get the scoop by accessing our reports.

Tony's Mission Lock

Tony’s Mission Lock is a legal mechanism that secures our mission for the rest of eternity, regardless of the shareholder structure.

Tony's Open Chain

Explore Tony's Open Chain initiative, where we collaborate with other chocolate makers, NGOs, and industry partners to advocate for systemic change in the cocoa industry.